Dr. Eva Wong

Qigong – Eva Wong, author and translator of 17 books on the Taoist arts of health, meditation, and qigong, is the 19th generation lineage carrier of Xiantianwujimen Taoism and 3rd generation student of Wang Xiangzhai, founder of the Yiquan martial arts and Zhangshuan (standing qigong).

Divination – Eva Wong is a lineage carrier of Xiantianwujimen Taoism, a lineage that specializes in qigong as well as divination and the study of the I Ching. Learn more at www.limitlessgate.com.

Events with Dr. Eva Wong

Qigong 5
August 2 - 4, 2024

Qigong 5 – Limitless Qi, Limitless Consciousness Requirement: Qigong 4 Qigong 5 is an important landmark in your journey into the Taoist arts of health and longevity. At the end of this level, you will have completed the 6 Basics forms of qigong, the Nine Self Massage Techniques, the Twelve Devas, Hua Tu Animals, the Immortals Guide to Self Massage and Breath Regulation, the Red Phoenix, The Wudangshan Five Animals, and the 8 postures of Standing Qigong. Click here to read more.      

Qigong and Meditation Retreat
August 4 - 9, 2024

Qigong and Meditation Retreat Requirement: Qigong 5 This program is a requirement for Qigong Level 6. Meditation is an integral part of Taoist practice. The dual cultivation of body and consciousness forms the core of Xiantianwujimen Taoism. Internal alchemy, the cultivation of the physical and energetic body, builds the foundation of the cultivation of consciousness. Meditation, the cultivation of the limitless nature of consciousness, provides a vessel that is optimal and safe for the alchemical transmutation of life energy, or qi. Click here to read more.