Qigong Level 1&2

With Una Chung

December 6 - 8, 2019
Qigong is a source of health and wellness for living life with vitality. Specifically, qigong strengthens joints, muscles, tendons, and bones, nourishes internal organs, stimulates circulation of energy in our body, and enhances mental clarity. Thus in addition as a support for living a full life, it is also seen as a foundation for practicing both meditation and martial arts. Qigong is for everyone, young and old; it is an excellent way to gently help recover from injury or stiffness, and to retain mobility and good health into old age. In this weekend, we will be introduced to several basic…

Vajra Sangha Assembly

With Acharya Eric Spiegel

December 13 - 15, 2019
In the tradition of Vajra Assemblies during the life of the Vidyadhara, this weekend retreat will include talks, discussion and practice.  The topic will be determined by the Acharya but will include room for all of our questions and explorations. Practitioners of all Shambhala / Vajradhatu vajrayana practice levels are welcome.  

Winter Weekthun: Dharma Art and Co-Creating Good Communities

With Acharya Arawana Hayashi, Jude Robison and Alexander deVaron

December 27, 2019 - January 3, 2020
Join us for our annual week-long meditation intensive, an opportunity to fully immerse oneself in mindfulness meditation. This week-long program is open to all, beginning and experienced meditators. This retreat will provide time for participants to explore dharma, art and co-creating community. Trungpa Rinpoche gave teachings on dharma art as a vehicle to explore the playfulness and naturalness of the phenomenal world. How might the practices of meditative movement, voice, and visual expression support us in creating community? In addition to daily meditation and art practices, participants can have individual meetings with meditation teachers. Some of the days will be…

Lojong Weekend

With Acharya John Rockwell

January 17 - 20, 2020
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On an auspicious long weekend that culminates with Martin Luther King Day, we will explore training our mind (lojong) in a spacious and radiant heart. We will first tune step-by-step into our innate open and empty heart. Then we will let our hearts engage in everyday relationships through the practice of sending and taking (tonglen). This openness and natural exchange is the basis for awakened action. The daily schedule will include sitting meditation, talks, study, small group exchanges, qigong, walks outside, and spontaneous arisings. All are welcome.

Qi Gong Level 3

With Sophie Léger

January 31 - February 2, 2020
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The Daoist Qigong practices brought to us by Dr. Eva Wong constitute a path of training that cultivates a healthy body, a clear mind and an open heart. Ultimately, it dissolves the split between mind and body to allow us to live a fully engaged and creative life. In Level 3, the internal energy aspects of the exercises and their healing properties become more salient and explicit. During this weekend program, the students will learn the Hua Tu’s Five Animal Form, which develop tendon and bone strength, help preserve generative energy, and increase agility and balance. This unique set of…

Vajrayana Don Season Retreat

With Acharya Christie Cashman

February 17 - 23, 2020
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The vajrayana teachings are renowned for providing the strongest medicine in times of the greatest confusion. But it’s also during these times that practices such as invoking the deity, resting in the nature of mind, or engaging in sacred perception can feel very remote. Throughout this week-long retreat, we will explore how wrathful, peaceful, and effortless vajrayana methods “touch the fruition,” and thus remind us of our inherent wisdom.  Practitioners of ngondro, Werma, mahamudra, Vajrayogini and Scorpion Seal are welcome. The program will include discussions with each group of practitioners, talks and personal interviews. The protector chant sessions will include…

Qi Gong Levels 4 & 5

With Sophie Léger

March 11 - 15, 2020
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Students will be introduced to traditional Outer and Inner Qigong from two systems: the Pre-celestial Limitless Gate School (Xiantianwujimen) and the Yiquan School. This is through the lineage handed down by Dr. Eva Wong. Xiantianwujimen was founded in the Song dynasty (circa 10th to 12th centuries) by Daoist sage Chen Xiyi, who is recognized as "the father of qigong." Eva Wong is the 19th-generation carrier (quanren) of this lineage. The Yiquan School was founded by Wang Xiangzhai in the early 20th century. Yiquan is best known for its standing qigong postures called Zhangzhuan. One of Master Wang's students was the…

Activating Your Energy Centers with Qigong

With Dr. Eva Wong

June 5 - 7, 2020
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Our bodies are filled with qi, the essence of life. Nourishing and circulating qi are the keys to health and longevity. Some of the most important aspects of Xiantianwujimen qigong are designed to activate energy centers that gather, store, and nourish this life force. The lower, middle, and upper Gates are control stations that move qi along the spinal column. The lower, middle, and upper Dantiens are containers that store, transmute, and purify the generative, vital, and spirit energies. Various cavities (called xue) are areas where energy is concentrated and focused. Some parts of the body, such as the kidneys…

Alchemist, Warrior, Meditator

With Dr. Eva Wong

June 7 - 11, 2020
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Alchemists seek the path of health and longevity. Martial artists walk the path of the warrior. Meditators live a life of stillness and clarity. All three paths embrace simplicity, virtue, and impeccability in thought and action. For centuries, internal alchemy, martial arts, and meditation have been practiced by Taoists to enhance health, build discipline, and cultivate mind. In many ways, the key to the simultaneous cultivation of body and mind lies in the crossing-training of internal alchemy, martial arts, and meditation. Join Eva Wong for a four-day retreat in integrating the alchemist, warrior, and meditator within you. Experience how martial…

Refining Your Consciousness with Huatu Five Animals Qigong

With Dr. Eva Wong

August 7 - 9, 2020
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Huatu’s Five Animals Qigong is not only a collection of qigong exercises. It is simultaneously a system of development of physical health, a map of consciousness refinement, a guide to enriching consciousness, and a model of what it means to live a lifestyle that balances health, personal development, community consciousness, and appreciation of the natural world. Join us for 2 days of in-depth exploration and practice of the Huatu Five Animals as we cultivate physical and energetic health, and adventure and play with our consciousness. Wander the magical surroundings of Sky Lake Meditation Center as a tiger that prowls the…

Breath Regulation Intensive

With Dr. Eva Wong

August 9 - 11, 2020
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The regulation and control the breath is the foundation for preserving, cultivating, transforming, circulating vital energy (qi). In this 2-day program students will how to pump the Bellows, and practice the Fish Breathing and Fetal Breathing techniques that are designed to enhance the circulation of qi. When qi is plentiful and its movement is unhindered, the body will be revitalized and the mind will be clear. The prerequisite for Breath Regulation Intensive is the Tendon-Changing and Marrow-Washing Intensive. This program is a prerequisite for Qigong Level 6.

Standing Qigong Intensive

With Dr. Eva Wong

August 11 - 13, 2020
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Standing qigong is one of the most powerful and challenging practices for preserving, collecting, transforming, circulating, and storing internal energy. In this 2-day program students will: - Learn the Twelve Wudang Standing Qigong Forms. - Receive intensive instruction on the eight postures of Yiquan Zhangzhuan. - Learn how to combine the standing qigong techniques of Xiantianwujimen into a unified method of circulation of internal energy. The prerequisite for Standing Qigong Intensive is the Tendon-Changing and Marrow-Washing Intensive. This program is a prerequisite for Qigong Level 6.