Financial Aid

Sky Lake Financial Assistance

It is our intention to encourage all who genuinely desire to study the Shambhala teachings to be able to participate in our programs. Toward this aspiration Sky Lake considers applicants for Financial Assistance. Financial need serves as the primary basis for determining eligibility. Kindly do not apply if you can afford the program prices.

Income higher than the amounts listed do not qualify for Financial Assistance*

Family Household Size: Family household income cannot exceed:
1 $24,000
2 $33,000
3 $42,000
4 $51,000
5 $60,000

*if you do not fit into this income table, but sincerely feel the need for financial assistance, continue with the application

Amount of Financial Assistance:
• Between 10% to 50% of the program tuition cost
• There are no discounts for accommodations and meals
• If you meet the income eligibility criteria, your application will be reviewed
• Please apply at least 6 weeks prior to the program.  We will award aid on a first come first served basis after that time.

Please copy and paste the application below into a word document or plain text file, complete and send to [email protected]




email address:

Annual household income:

# of members in your family household:

What is your involvement at your center?

Brief statement of your financial situation:

How much can you afford to pay?

Why is this program important to you and how by taking it, may you and your community benefit?

Other information you would like the Financial Assistance Committee to know: