Celia Neustadt

My initiation into somatic healing began eleven years ago. I was the founding director of a small nonprofit when I began to experience debilitating health symptoms that evaded mainstream treatments. Through the loving assistance of two healing guides, I began to understand my symptoms as messages my body was sending to me. As I attuned to my inner voice, I realized the life I was living was incongruent with my true heart’s desires.

At first, there was deep fear of leaving behind the safety I had cultivated. But every time I listened to my inner voice, my chronic symptoms would ease and I felt a world of possibility beyond my limited perspective. I followed that voice to the deepest depths of my soul and remotest corners of the world. Along the way, I have been the eternally-grateful recipient of many teachers’ wisdoms, combining new and old, local and global, East and West.

Fast forward many years later, I no longer experience any of my former chronic health symptoms and more importantly, I have cultivated an unwavering trust in my ability to alchemize life’s challenges.