Marcia Shibata

In 1974, Marcia Shibata became a student of the Buddhist Way and Kado Way with Chogyum Trungpa. She went to Asia to study the discipline as it had survived to date in Japan in 1980 and remained there until 1985. She endeavored to understand and teach how Kado Ikebana practice could be a portal to innate wisdom mind through the diligent practice of forms, meditation practice, and studying of the laws of nature through the Buddhist/Taoist view and by observing and studying nature directly.

MS Shibata has taught Ikebana supported by meditation practice from 1985 to the present day both in the US and Europe. In 2003, she was given permission to open a fresh school of Ikebana in which the laws of Dharma are revealed through the consecration and blessings of the son of Chogyum Trungpa, Jamgon Trinley Mipham. Since this time the School has flourished, recently settling in Prague, CZ Republic as its first official physical location.

Events with Marcia Shibata

Kado Ikebana
August 15 - 20, 2024

What is Kado Ikebana ? Kado is a Way of life. The practice can open us to innate universal wisdom that is inherent in all sentient beings. By being in touch with our wisdom, we can experience life with less confusion, stress and anxiety. Life could be opened to accurate solutions as challenges arise in never-ending change. Kado developed in China approximately 2300 years ago and developed as a practice to teach and understand “The Tao,” The Way. It was understood by the ancients that all living beings have innate wisdom thereby using wood and flower material from nature, inner…