• No Lodging - Commuter – $1,125.00
  • Shared Room - $130 per night – $1,775.00
  • (All prices include $1,125.00 base amount)

Date & Time Details: Sunday, June 11 is arrival day. Registration is from 5-6:30 pm. Dinner at 6:30, orientation at 7:30 pm. The program ends on Friday, June 16 at 6 pm. Accommodation includes 5 nights.

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Embodying the Tao in Your Qigong (2023)

With Dr. Eva Wong

June 11 - 16, 2023

From the oneness of Tao yin and yang emerged. From yin and yang the five elements metal, wood, water, fire, and water were created. From the 5 elements, the bagua, the eight building blocks of the universe arose. As it is externally, so it is internally. This cosmology of the universe parallels the creation and circulation of energy (qi) in our bodies.
In this program, we will use the practices of qigong to embody and understand the energies of yin and yang, the five elements, and the bagua in our body. Experience the display of energy in the meridians, internal organs, and the elixir fields (dantiens), and become part of the mysterious and subtle process of the journey from the oneness of the Tao to the diversity of all the ten thousand myriad things.

Requirement Qigong Levels 1-5
This is a requirement for Qigong Level 7


We are following CDC recommendations on COVID, and as we get closer to the dates we will update participants.


Dr. Eva Wong
Qigong – Eva Wong, author and translator of 17 books on the Taoist arts of health, meditation, and qigong, is the 19th generation lineage carrier of Xiantianwujimen Taoism and 3rd generation student of Wang Xiangzhai, founder of the Yiquan martial arts and Zhangshuan (standing qigong). Divination – Eva Wong is a lineage carrier of Xiantianwujimen Taoism, a lineage that specializes in qigong as well as divination and the study of the I Ching. Learn more at
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