Pacifying the Turmoil of the Mamos – Dön Season Chants

February 5 - 14, 2018

It is traditional in Tibetan Buddhism to do Mamo practice to purify obstacles of the past year. This is done before the Tibetan New Year during a time called “dön season”.

Döns are environmental forces that cause humans to do careless and self-destructive activities that could lead to anger, breaks with reality, and poor decision making. The most effective way to work with döns is with mindfulness, which is why winter is a ripe time for meditation.

Mamos are at the center of the dön season practice. Mamos are legendary wrathful deities that react when we forget the ground of basic goodness and our own human nobility.

Each session is a little over an hour and is a look at the causes and conditions of wrathful compassion and awareness. Pacifying the Turmoil of the Mamos is a contemplation of the potential for a sacred perspective to restores balance in the world. By tuning into the message of the chant, we pacify the wrathful deities and the darkness of the winter season.


Feb 5 6:00pm
Feb 6 5:00pm
Feb 7 6:00pm
Feb 8 6:00pm
Feb 9 6:00pm
Feb 10 6:00pm
Feb 11 6:00pm
Feb 12 6:00pm
Feb 13 5:00pm
Feb 14 6:00pm

This is a free community practice and registration is not required to attend.

After the dön season we celebrate the New Year on Shambhala Day.