Qigong Animal Forms Intensive

With Dr. Eva Wong

June 18 - 20, 2019
Many Daoist qigong forms are derived from observing the behavior of animals and understanding how animals preserve, collect, transform, circulate, and store internal energy. The ancient Chinese shamans were the first to practice the art of “becoming” an animal to embody the power of that animal. The techniques of embodying animal energy were developed further by Daoist practitioners as ways of enhancing health and longevity. In this program students will learn to embody the form and essences of the animals through Hua Tu’s Animal Forms, the Wudang Five Animal Forms, and selected forms from the 12 devas. A new Wudang Shan form, the Combined Five Animals, will…

Local Program: Open House – The Writing of the World

With Barbara Bash

June 25, 2019
Since the earliest times humans have been reading the language of the world - tiny tracks in the sand, a flight of a bird across the sky, a river winding through the land. The power of this visual language has distilled deep down into our alphabet. Come follow the journey of these ancient forms as they evolved through the centuries, right up to the present moment - direct, alive and on-the-spot. 7:15-8:30 pm. No prior experience necessary. You are welcome to join us for weekly meditation from prior, from 6-7 pm. Introductory meditation instruction will be offered from 6-7pm.

Educator Gathering

With Acharya Arawana Hayashi

July 8, 2019
Sky Lake is pleased to host a gathering with Acharya Arawana Hayashi and local Shambhala educators. Those who have been through Initial Educator Training, Guide Training or SPMI training are warmly invited to be community with other local educators. Acharya Hayashi will lead us in an evening exploring what our roles are as educators and what interest there is to create offerings at Sky Lake. Please register for this gathering and if you're able, bring a small food dish to share.

Big Brush Mind

With Barbara Bash

July 12 - 14, 2019
A three-day immersion into the world of brush, ink and expressive handwriting. We will explore the ancient Chinese principles of heaven, earth and human - first in the making of a brushstroke with small brushes to ground and connect, then with large brushes and buckets of ink, creating spontaneous marks while held in ritual. The world of pictograms, big strokes, mapping a moment, letting our unique handwriting sing, being in improvised dialogue with our life, will all be investigated. An interest in visual language and movement is the only prerequisite. For more information check out this video of the Big Brush practice. Please note:…

BIPOC Retreat: Encountering Basic Goodness

With Dr. Shanté Paradigm Smalls

July 19 - 21, 2019
  Join us in cultivating human dignity, the necessary ground for healing personal, interpersonal, and social oppression. As Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, we face socially constructed, racial hierarchy and racialized violence that disconnects us from ourselves and others. Through practices of feeling, being and touching basic goodness, we can re-discover our dignity and humanity. The weekend retreat will include meditation, contemplation, discussion, and movement. Open to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color with all levels of meditation experience, from any tradition.

Awakening through Mindfulness-Awareness: A Buddhist Meditation Retreat on the Four Noble Truths

With Acharya Gaylon Ferguson

July 24 - 31, 2019
A summer week of practice at beautiful Sky Lake. Weekthun is an intensive, week-long meditation retreat for new and experienced meditators interested in deepening their mindfulness-awareness. This program's contemplative study and practice is based on the book "The Truth of Suffering and The Path of Liberation" by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. This program will include both guided group contemplation of this foundational teaching, one-to-one meditation instruction, and experiential mindfulness-awareness exercises. The program will be full of practices carefully designed to cultivate mindfulness-awareness including: One-on-one meditation instruction Guided meditations Movement exercises Dharma talks from the teacher Walks through the beautiful Sky Lake woods Through the week of…

Wisdom of the Forest

With Dr. Eva Wong

August 2 - 4, 2019
Seeds fall on the ground. Saplings grow into trees. Trees leaf, flowers bloom, and the forest grows. Through endless cycles of time, old growth is replaced by new, and the journey begins once again. The path through the forest is a pathway of wisdom. As we walk in the forest, we witness birth, growth, death and renewal. In the magic of the forest, we see the seasons change; we mingle with the interplay of shadows and light; we bathe in the gentle sunlight dancing through the branches; and we dream in the primal darkness and wildness of the woods. Enter…

The Mysterious Female

With Dr. Eva Wong and Acharya Dale Asrael

August 4 - 8, 2019
"The Valley Spirit that never dies is called the Mysterious Female. The gates of the Mysterious Female are the roots of sky and earth." - Laos's Daodejing What is the Mysterious Female? It is the Tao, the Dark Womb, and the source of all that is born and unborn. This source is the primordial qi, the vapor of life. In birth, we emerge from the Mysterious Female, in life we are nourished by her, and in death we return to her embrace. Central to the practice of Qigong, the Taoist art of health and longevity, is the cultivation of this…

Water Babies Ceremony: For the Unborn and Untimely Dead

With Joanna Rotté

September 7, 2019
A water baby is a being that died before or not long after birth; a being not quite landed on the earth that was unable to develop fully in the human realm. A ceremony in recognition of water babies originated in Buddhist Japan after World War II when numerous women needed to terminate a pregnancy by means of abortion. The ceremony is a meaningful way for a parent to acknowledge the water baby and their interconnectedness. The ceremony includes meditation and compassion practices, making a jizo bodhisattva out of stones, profound appreciation of impermanence, expression through words, and resting in…

Fall Kado Retreat: The Way of Flowers

With Artist to the Court Marcia Shibata

September 19 - 23, 2019
“Kado” means “The Way of Flowers” and began in China over 2300 years ago. In Japan it is known as "Ikebana" and is considered a refined art form that studies nature as it is. Join us as we learn to arrange flowers to cultivate appreciation for each moment.

Four Dharmic Paths of Investigating Whiteness and Racism

With Gabe Dayley and Alexandria Barnes

October 11 - 13, 2019
This weekend will offer an introductory investigation of race, whiteness, and systemic racism for meditation practitioners who identify as white, providing a foundation from which white-identified meditators can begin the path of exploring their own social conditioning and cultivating tools to support them in confronting systemic racism and oppression in our society. The workshop incorporates the path of the Four Dignities, a central element of the Shambhala teachings and framework for the meditator's journey. Integrating Dharma teachings and embodied contemplative practices with material from the study of race, peacebuilding, and history, we will employ these teachings as a guide for…