Mindful Living


Mindful Kayaking Retreat

Roger Guest

May 26 - 28, 2017

Human beings share a cellular kinship with water. Watery noise is particularly soothing, perhaps because it calls forth unconscious memories of aqueous origins. When we listen to a waterfall or to waves stirring a gravel beach, an intangible intimacy with nature is aroused and such sounds can be a beautiful portal into a more awakened … Continue 


Spirit of Taoism: Five-Element Diet, Tea & Appreciating the Seasons

Dr. Eva Wong

June 10, 2017

Open to all! Equanimity, good health, peace of mind, and harmony, are the goals of Taoism. More people are turning to the Taoist arts of healthy and harmonious living for inspiration and guidance in everyday life. Join Eva Wong in exploring the spirit of Taoism in qigong, Taoist practices of mind expansion, tea appreciation, and … Continue 


Being Taoist and a Leader

Dr. Eva Wong

June 11, 2017

Open to All! What does it mean to be a Taoist and a leader? In the Taoist wisdom tradition, to be a leader is to embody the view of vastness. Leadership is not about controlling things to go our way or dragging everybody else behind us. Rather, it is inspiring and leading by example. Most … Continue