Community Practice

Windhorse Bonfire

Open Dates
Date TBD Hosted by Chase (our wonderful Operations Steward) and Others

Open House – Finding the Heart of Integrity in Groundlessness

With Acharya Dan Hessey

August 14, 2018
Join us to engage in topics that matters to us today! Meet our community, enjoy tea and cookies, hear talks on meditation, contemplative art, compassion, death, love, and more from senior teachers.

Harvest of Peace

September 23, 2018
The Harvest of Peace Nyida Day is our opportunity to focus on community, and to mark the changing of seasons as a sangha. "Nyi" comes from "Nyima" meaning sun, and "da" comes from "dawa" meaning moon, so together Nyida is the name given to the holidays where we mark the seasonal solstice and equinox days. […]